What does stability mean?

What does stability mean?

What does stability mean? 1125 752 Christina Kaufmann

True stability has little to do with what’s happening outside of us, but more so whether we are calm and balanced inside even when it’s hectic around us.

Most people get their stability from outside, from people, events or living circumstances that provide apparent security. That’s false security because you can change all external circumstances within seconds. Your only constant is your inner.

When you master your inside, your external reality bends and adjusts to your inside. Everything exterior is a simple reflection of your inner state. That’s why internal stability is so important. It forms the basis of whether you move in a state of equanimity or chaos. When you set yourself free from material things, power, relationships and money, you live in a state of freedom knowing that your thoughts, feelings and principles of faith are in balance.

In our modern world today, we have the opportunity to take our destiny into our own hands and shape, according to our passion and what our heart desires. Starting a new project means giving up secured income and financial liquidity. By mastering your thoughts, you create a stable base and don’t let stumbling blocks throw you off the track.

Many people expect the partner to give them stability. While it’s naturally important that we feel safe and secure in a relationship, if we rely solely on it, it gets us in trouble quickly. Any kind of expectation that our happiness and well-being depend on our partner alone brings only disappointment and frustration.

In life there are always highs and lows. This is the rhythm, the pulse of life: expansion – stagnation – contraction – stagnation – expansion, etc. This law of nature applies to everything, e.g. business life, relationships, seasons, lunar cycles and tides. This is the pulse of life that cannot be adjusted or changed according to our will. We must learn to live with this fixed law. This means you are aware that there will be good times when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, but there will also be times that challenge you, and times when you pause and recover. These highs and lows determine our whole lives.

If you feel safe and stable only during good times or during expansion, it means you are extremely stressed, full of worry and anxious when you enter a phase of contraction. Knowing that these cycles dominate everything in life, we begin to understand that when we dwell on the surface of human existence and get our safety and stability only from external events and other people, we always swim like a diver at the surface of the sea and are at the mercy of the waves and the flow.

This is why the technique of centering that I already described in another post is so effective. She puts your mind in a state of rest. It’s your thoughts on every event and relationship that determine whether your emotions are roller coaster. This uphill and downhill trip happens when you don’t control your emotions, you look anxiously into the future with the fear of what might happen, or with an image from the past that causes fears and fear. The extreme emotions create an unstable, unbalanced reaction to the waves in life.

It’s better to dwell emotionally in the middle and be content than to walk through life in the alternation of sky high and saddened to death. Being centered means you’re entrenched deeper in the here and now and the likelihood of your thoughts breaking out is much lower because you’re not emotionally carried away by the respective wave.
Like a diver 10 meters under water you can feel the silence no matter what happens on top of the surface. That’s the goal of centering and anchoring, it lets you stay still and to stay here and now in the waves surrounding you and you can successfully weather any storm.
In a previous post I described an anchoring and centering exercise. Try to do them everyday, even if it’s just a few minutes in the beginning. If you have a difficult appointment or conversation ahead, practice Hara for a few minutes. It lets you go into the appointment without fear and lets you react calmly.

The first chakra, the root chakra, enables us to connect energetically with the earth. It’s also our survival center. A functioning root chakra allows us to feel safe and stable first. It is still abdominal and is trained within the first 12 months of life. If the chakra wasn’t formed properly due to trauma, we lack inner stability in life. We literally can’t talk each other. If you feel like you’re not going to rest, your thoughts are constantly circling, you never feel like you’ve arrived in life, or you’re not happy with external good circumstances, it could be because of the root chakra.

I regularly treat chakras, reconstruct and shape chakras so that energy can flow freely. This is the base and prerequisite for all other techniques to develop your full potential and heal you from previous trauma and emotional wounds.

Much love

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