The small but important difference between women and men….

The small but important difference between women and men….

The small but important difference between women and men…. 1200 628 Christina Kaufmann

… we can walk our path hand in hand…

Have you noticed how the gap between men and women has widened recently? More than ever, there are dissonances between the different needs of both sexes. Many couples are not truly happy together, there is tension, different expectations and no common ground is reached. The question of wo is the guilty party is shifted back and forth. The basic tenor is similar for everyone. She feels under pressure, not seen and has the feeling that she is running the show at home. He feels unappreciated because the partner is not always willing when he is. He often earns more money and thus believes he is buying his freedoms.

You see, men and women live in completely different realities. The collective of men still moves in the lower three so-called “ego centers”. The lower three centers stand for personal power, personal will, sexuality, creativity and assertiveness (I am, I feel, I want). On the third level of our energy field there is also our mental center, where our thoughts are stored. Contrary to common teachings, our thoughts are not anchored in the head but on the third level, which is connected to the solar plexus chakra.

When we live our reality from the lower three centers it is about hierarchy, power, sexuality and our personal ego. It is exhausting to live your life on those levels because they are purely about controlling life. When I live my life based on my personal will, I automatically try to keep control over any outcome and try to direct things by force, try to control people around me. The fear of losing control is enormously high in this reality because our subconscious knows that we can never have absolute control. We can always lose something – our job, people, money, power.

What follows is a fear of loss, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure. The ego’s response to these fears is to exert even more control. And already we are in the negative spiral. Life becomes a struggle and we are in the middle of it, unable to see the forest for the trees. We react instead of acting.

At the same time, we make ourselves manipulable. Feed the ego and the person “eats out of your hand”. It blinds you to reality and makes the person do irrational things just to keep getting the attention, love or just the positive feelings. It creates a dependency on the situation or the person that arouses those positive feelings in you. And the result, again, is fear of loss and control.

The path of evolution means going through the lower ego centers (which can be equated with the lower three chakras) and dissolving the traumas and blockages on these levels in order to reach the heart and then the higher levels.

When we reside in the heart, we feel unconditional love for ourselves and for others, and when we pass on to the higher levels, it is about the higher will: Not MY shall be done, but THY will. We communicate from the heart and from the higher self. We know that we create our reality ourselves, take full responsibility for our lives. We no longer distinguish between good and bad experiences, but have understood that EVERYTHING that happens to us in life serves us. We let go of control, are in full trust that everything that happens will bring us forward in one way or another. We trust our inner guidance no matter how crazy it sounds and always follow our intuition. All of this brings us an inner peace and serenity that nothing can compare to. It means being in love, which is not the same as being in love with somebody. Love is simply the absence of fear. When we let go of our fears, we automatically return to love, because that is our essence. We are made of the frequency of love.

With the transition of the lower dimensions, closeness and intimacy no longer necessarily mean sex. This does not mean that sex has no valid place in life. It means that ecstatic feelings are generated on another level as well. Sex at the right time with the right person can be amazing, but only if all the conditions are right in that moment. There is no more pressure that “it” has to happen regularly in a certain time frame. Again, it’s about letting go of control and false beliefs to free yourself from the pressure.

And so it is no wonder that even today men think in terms of hierarchies and power structures and women think in terms of relationships. Men aim to climb up the hierarchy ladder and increase their own power, women think in relationship patterns.

Of course there are very many mixed forms, each person is individual and I only describe the collective, i.e. the general pattern. There are dominant women, men who are too much anchored in the feminine, women who serve the collective too much and put their own well-being behind. The global development, however, shows exactly what I have described.

With the Lion’s Gate portal in August, the feminine power has risen further. We were able to release the lion in us, which was always kept hidden (the masculine power) and with the help of Sirius/Isis the masculine power united with the feminine power of love.

What happens next?


The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with yourself. Only when you can love yourself unconditionally can you have a truly deep relationship with a partner. A relationship that is not based on filling each other’s emptiness and fulfilling each other’s needs, but one in which you love each other more than you need each other. In which each of the partners becomes an even better person through the relationship and can grow and express their emotions freely.

By the way, this does not only apply to love relationships, but to all relationships we enter into with other people.

So, release the lion in you and unite the masculine power of the lion with the feminine power of love and your life will change instantly! You can let go of your fears and experience true freedom within yourself.

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