Elevated perspective is key…

and it’s my specialty. Let’s go beyond what meets the eye.

Do you ever feel like you’re half-living each day as a reaction to the constant barrage of to-do lists, social obligations and work events?

Without realising it, we’re putting a lot of energy into merely surviving. What you want is more love, joy, passion, and validation. You want to live in alignment with what matters most. To ignite that delicious, soulful, sexy and vital part of you that longs to be seen. To be heard.

You’re not alone. I can help you connect with your own innate wisdom. That part of you that knows exactly what you need in every moment.

I believe self-awareness and self-accountability is at the root of all healing. I offer 6 and 12-week programs all intentionally designed to support the realignment of your nervous system at a subconscious and energetic level. It’s an experience for your mind, body and soul.

Sacred Lotus Program

12 Weeks

The sacred lotus flower represents our ascendance from struggle to enlightenment. It also represents Shiva’s Third Eye, and the spiralling lines signify the wavering path it takes to find truth and balance. This is a program of mind, body and energy work for those seeking truth.

I am intuitively led by the flow of energy in the different centres of your body.

We’ll often start with a grounding exercise to stabilize your nervous system. Then through a series of dialogues I’ll connect to your higher self to help you identify where your body may be holding physical, emotional or energetic tension. I’ll then clear and release.

Together we’ll set an overall intention for the 12 weeks and explore problem areas by connecting your awareness to past patterns, experiences and any trauma. This will help you cultivate greater awareness so you can bring healing to the past and present.

Each session is 1.5 hours and can be booked in-person or virtual.

The Phoenix Program

6 Weeks

The Phoenix represents rebirth, magic, renewal, safety, transformation, permanence, inventiveness and the sacredness of life. No matter the setting, the Phoenix has a distinctive theme. From darkness to light; it’s a life cycle and a symbol of our immortal soul.

Wherever the Phoenix is mentioned, they are depicted as having a powerful impact on the lives of people.

Most narratives paint the Phoenix as a powerful bird of fire. So, what does it mean when this mighty bird finds its way into your life? It means a renewal of strength.

Begin to grow. Begin to arise. Become the magnificent being arising from the ashes full of light and beauty undimmed. This program is perfect if you are longing to dive deeper into your soul’s destiny and discover who you truly are. Not what society expects you to be.

Each session is 1.5 hours and can be booked in-person or virtual.


My sessions have changed lives. Seriously, they have. They’ve healed and in some cases reversed the symptoms of chronic conditions, anxiety, depression, fertility, and more.

Here is why it’s so incredible.

  • Reset your central nervous system
  • Cultivate self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • Reduce physical, emotional and mental stress
  • Find freedom from the things that control you
  • Releasing built up tension, anxiety and stress
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and emotional wounds
  • Improving your sleep and overall sleep quality
  • Understand how to grieve in healthy ways
  • Heal and recover from addiction, stress or trauma
  • Restore emotional balance and self-esteem
  • Transforming your capacity to trust yourself
  • Reinvigorating the relationships in your life

“Christina is a force field of energy, love and wonder.”

Her sessions are different to anything else I’ve ever experienced. Growing up I was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological disorder. In recent years I’ve travelled the world to war-torn regions and poverty stricken areas where women self-mutilate to avoid the slave trade. I’ve seen it all. With Christina’s help I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I realised what it means to release pain and trauma.

Layla Love | World Renowned Artist & Photographer



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