Lion´s Gate Portal on 8/8/22

Lion´s Gate Portal on 8/8/22

Lion´s Gate Portal on 8/8/22 1080 1080 Christina Kaufmann

The Lion’s Gate portal is activated by the numerology of the combination of the 8/8, the Sun in the sign of Leo and by the rising of the star Sirius. This combination of energy opens a galactic portal that allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth for all of us to tune into and connect with.

This year we are experiencing a particularly concentrated charge of powerful energies that additionally activate all of us in the time of the portal opening.

But let´s start with the beginning. The sun changes on 22/7 at 22.07  h (CET) into the fire sign Leo and then the most important period of the year 2022 begins. On July 25 the galactic year ends and until August 12 the Lion’s Gate portal is opening initiated by these events.

The traditional feast day of Mary Magdalene, the female Christ, is also celebrated on 7/22.  She initiates the Lion’s Gate energy as the Sun enters the sign of Leo.

Sunday, July 25 is “the day out of time,” a magical day of transition from one cycle of manifestation to the next.

And Monday, July 26 is the Planetary New Year, when the new cycle of creation shifts us into a new timeline…if we are ready for it. Again, we get additional thrust on July 28 when we experience a New Moon in the sign of Leo. The New Moon represents new beginnings and here in the sign of Leo as we move toward the Lion’s Gate portal. The signs could not be clearer.

With the opening of the portal, an annual cosmic alignment takes place with a stargate opening, the Lion’s Gate portal with its culmination on 8/8. At this time the Sun is in Leo and we witness the star Sirius approaching Earth and forming a line with the belt of Orion. We can experience synchronicity when the Sun, Sirius and the belt of Orion align with the Egyptian pyramids. This is also the moment when the Earth is connected to the Galactic Center of the Universe, forming a powerful portal for accelerated awakening of human beings. The light of the Central Sun flows through us to create new solar light codes within us to help us anchor more love and more abundance.

On the picture you can see the chambers and shafts of the Great Pyramid in Giza. They are aligned with the 3 stars in the Orion’s belt.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, represents abundance, creativity and devotion.

When it connects with the Sun in the zodiac sign Leo, after which the portal is named, the energy to manifest, transform and create balance in your life is exponentially increased. During this time you can see it very well at night as it is much brighter than all other stars (see picture).


The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Sun in turn rules the heart. So when the Sun in Leo aligns with Sirius, the Star of Devotion, in addition to transformation and manifestation, the door to intense love and awakening of the Divine opens. The Lion’s Gate Portal time is a chance to recognize your personal power and allow it to grow.

This energy moves us all into an enlightened and evolved state, bringing dramatic new beginnings, new levels of consciousness, and helping us to collectively manifest the ascension of humanity.

The energy of the portal aligns with the emerald heart chakra and causes the solar plexus chakra to glow like a golden yellow sun, enhancing your self-confidence, willpower, inner balance and ability to truly love yourself. Your soul shines brightest now. This is the time when a balance of light and darkness is established in your soul. It also activates the energy to bring in soulmates and twin souls. Whether you have love in your life or are looking for it, your love energy will radiate with the warmth and beauty of the sun and act like a siren call to summon love to you.

This is what awaits you:

The energy increases your ability to manifest.
This is your time to be courageous. Often we hold on to what no longer serves us because it is “comfortable”. We are afraid to jump out of our comfort zone because we are often afraid of the unknown. Now is the time to take a risk and step into the unknown. Allow your destiny to unfold without trying to be manipulative and controlling. Stay optimistic, keep your eyes on where you want to go, and allow the universe to help you.

Your third eye will open wide if you meditate now, allowing your intuition to blossom, creativity to manifest, and you to be able to receive a strong connection and guidance from your spirit guide. It also helps you tap into the flow of abundance and the flow of resources and money, which increases your prosperity. All you have to do is listen with your heart.

It helps you to detach from negativity.
Many of our shadows will come to the surface to be healed and transformed into love and light. Please be gentle with yourself during this time. This is the time of radical healing as we transmute fear, doubt, pain, anxiety, shame, judgment, guilt and anger. Find yourself speaking and living your truth as you reacquaint yourself with your ROAR, your light, your passions and the love that is you.

The ability to love and find balance within yourself at this time allows you to let go of toxic relationships, old habits that have held you back, and negative assumptions about life. This sudden surge of high frequency energy can overwhelm your chakras and senses, but there is nothing to fear. If you feel the energy overwhelming you, making you nervous or anxious, don’t worry. It channels pure love and helps you evolve faster. You will be energetically charged. Just let it happen. Nothing will happen to you.

It speeds up transformation.
Making changes in your life can be difficult, whether they are internal or external. Trust that the Universe has your best interests at heart right now, while you prioritize your hopes and ambitions. Allow your inner divinity to shine now and take you where you want to go. You will be supported in everything.

It amplifies the feeling of love.
This is the opportunity to be courageous as you set your intentions and open your heart. Be ready to receive the love that comes in. When you allow yourself to anchor in that energy, you are able to put it out into the world. Women, especially, are so used to being givers, but they have a hard time receiving. The truth is simple: if we cannot receive the love that comes our way, it is impossible to give authentic and powerful love to the world. We can only give what we have. That is what it means to love authentically. You give because you know that love is abundant. It’s no problem to share it and scatter it wherever you go.

Love is the greatest force of all, and when aligned with the heart of Leo, it helps you access your inner divine love, truth and light. This is the time of the full embodiment of the soul in physical form, when you will be filled to overflowing with strength, courage and the desire to be a force for good. You will realize the full power of divinity within you, have access to the divine creative intelligence, and become the person you always wanted and should be.

Now it is up to you what you do with this potential and whether you seize the opportunity.


Let positivity and especially love into your life now!

As the Lion’s Gate portal opens wide, write down what you want to disappear from your life, including what you want to heal, cleanse or transform. Then write down what wonderful positive you want to replace all of that with. Embrace the power and energy of the portal and allow it to bring you into your power like never before. The Lions Gate Portal represents power but also balance and the infinite. Look forward to the infinite possibilities this Stargate offers you.

What is so important about the number 8?

In numerology, 8 is a powerful manifestation number. 8 is the number of power, money and abundance. Use this powerful day on 8/8 as an opportunity to review your money habits and your past successes. Are there areas in your financial life that need to be re-evaluated? Are things going the way you want them to when it comes to your money behavior and thoughts about money? It is now your opportunity to change the way you look at money, and this is especially true for you as an entrepreneur! Here we have the opportunity to manifest our desires into the physical world, so be honest and intentional with your thoughts and beliefs during this time.

What will the activation of the Lion’s Gate bring?

Your spirit guides (Spirit Guides) are just a simple prayer away, waiting for you to ask them for help. You don’t have to do this alone!

When we feel weak, we can see it as an opportunity to answer the call to correct our past mistakes. You now have the confidence within you to overcome anything. Sometimes we lose sight of our truth because we allow the voice of our mind to dominate our thoughts. The noise of the world outside will try to distract you, but if you connect with the silence inside, you will be able to follow your heart.

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