Do you really have a block?

Do you really have a block?

Do you really have a block? 1920 1280 Christina Kaufmann

If we feel resistance, if we cannot access something in our mind, we believe that we have a block which is regarded as a negative aspect in us. We immediately try to find way for it to be cleared from our system.

It also happens that other people tell us that we have a block because of the way we react in a certain situation and they urge us to have it cleared. But is your block really a block?

We have to differ between a block and a program. A program is something which is deeply embedded in our consciousness and forms a part of our personal belief system. It is inherited by our family and environment through birth or through our upbringing. Our belief systems and how we see the world is based on our programs.

A block is something which has been put in in place to protect us. It might be that we are not yet ready to face a trauma, a truth or a circumstance that is too painful. Another reason for a block is that it prevents us from moving forward if we are supposed to learn a lesson. It will keep us in a specific life situation until we have learned the lesson. Only then we are able to move forward and gain further insight. This typically happens when we are on the ascension path and are not ready for the next step. For example, it could prevent us from raising our vibration too quickly when our body is not yet strong enough to vibrate on a higher level.
We get frustrated, try everything to get past the block and of course it doesn’t work.

Our blocks only have our best interest in mind. Blocks are necessary for our personal and spiritual development to help us focus. They will dissolve once the lessons have been learned or when we are ready to move on to the next chapter in our life.

Phil Goodlife, one of my inspirational sources and whom I cherish highly, goes even as far as stating that there are no blocks at all:

Blockages are only perceived as such as long as you still judge yourself. In this now moment you are exactly where you need to be. Otherwise you would be elsewhere.

He sees it as a learning tool and a way to express gratitude for the situation you are in right now as it enables you to experience exactly what you need to.

This is what we have to learn, to practice gratefulness in every moment of our life and stop judging ourselves. The universe will never give us something to deal with that we are not able to handle and there is always a reason why we have to go through a rough phase.

Everything is perfect all the time and we are meant to live every experience we are going through, meet every person which comes into our field and all of it has its own divine timing.
So instead of holding a grudge or feel depressed for having a block, let’s focus on the feeling of gratefulness for the support we receive from the universe which forces us to focus on ourselves and to stay in the here and now until we have learned what we were supposed to.

Sometimes we do not see the forest for the trees, which is very human. If you feel that you are stuck in your current situation, you keep dealing with the same drama over and over again or the same issue keeps coming up, I am happy to support your personal and spiritual development in order for you to move forward in life and to reach your highest potential.

Much love

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