A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,…

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,…

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,… 1920 1200 Christina Kaufmann

…because its trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings.

Unlike birds, we humans have no physical wings, but you can see it as a metaphor. The branch in this case is everything that provides us stability from the outside. This could mean to have enough money on your bank account, a job, a partner, family, status,… Anything that supposedly creates stability in your life. And just like a branch, those circumstances can break away. You can lose your job, you can go bankrupt, you can lose your partner,… And when this happens the floor underneath our feet is wiped away and we fall into an emotional abyss. We are then waiting for somebody to rescue us and bring us back the feeling of safety and stability.

Of course, our subconscious mind is very much aware that any outer stability can break away. The natural reaction of the mind is to try to control things, people and outcomes of situations. We are getting more and more rigid and after a certain while we need most of our energy to stay in control with forced power. Our energy flow is stagnating, we easily feel overwhelmed, old triggers can surface because we have no more energy to keep those in check as well.

We see us as victims of our lives, fighting against the odds but always on the losing side. It is us against the world. And if this state of being lasts long enough, our energy level and frequency will sink drastically and, as a result, our immune system is weakened. This is one of the reasons why stressed people get easily sick. They are running on an emergency generator which grants them just enough energy to survive and to function on a minimum level. They have no more resilience to fight diseases.

Did you ever ask yourself, what led you to that point of having a burn out, a depression, a severe disease? Usually, it is not a specific event but rather your ignorance. Ignorance means in this case not knowing that you can fully trust yourself, your intuition and the universe to always provide for you.

As the bird has physical wings to fly, we have our metaphoric wings. Our wings are unconditional love, trust in our inner guidance and the higher intelligence, which lets us fully surrender to the divine plan. Knowing that everything that happens in our lives is serving us even if we cannot see in this specific moment.

We can even say that our life is like a huge tree. If we want to move higher up the tree, we must leave the branch beneath us to reach the next higher branch. Leaving the comfort zone where we feel safe is scary and so it comes with no surprise that it feels easier to stick to the branch we are currently sitting on than taking a leap of faith and letting go and facing the unknown.

What comes in handy for us is that those branches are never meant to carry our weight forever. If we don´t move, sooner or later they will break, and we are forced to spread our wings and learn to fly to the next higher branch. Usually, such a forced event can be rather brutal, compared to us leaving the branch by free will, and for a moment it can feel as we are pushed from the tree and falling down all the way to the ground. It´s up to us to take the chance and trust our wings or give up and fall down. Luckily, instinct usually sets in and we automatically fly be simply spreading our wings.

The good thing is that we always start with the lowest branch very close to the ground. In the beginning it does not feel so scary to move up. The more branches we leave behind us, the higher we get but at the same time we also have a lot more trust and experience with the height. Our wings have also become stronger due to the various take offs before.

The advantage of this gradual development is that we can move up in small steps, flying higher and higher without feeling overwhelmed right from the beginning. With each new branch we learn new lessons, gain new strength, insights, wisdom and experience. We continuously expand our horizon – until one day we reach the canopy and are rewarded with an unlimited view….

Where do you see yourself currently on this huge tree of life?

– photo below: the Tree of Life at the Elephant temple in Ubud, Bali –

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